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NEHINew England Healthcare Institute (Cambridge, MA)
NEHINew England Heart Institute (cardiac center; New Hampshire)
NEHINational Eye Health Initiative (Australia)
NEHINational Equities Holdings, Inc. (est. 1984; Texas)
NEHINative Education and Health Initiative (Louisville, KY)
NEHINew England Health Imaging (est. 1987)
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Engari he matanga nehi ahau, ka mohio ahau ki aku ngoikoretanga.
However, the NEHI research suggests even greater savings might be realized addressing avoidable costs in the delivery of health care.
He hauled precious bottles of Nehi strawberry or grape soda.
NEHI has identified five specific research priorities for five general research categories, but it has not yet completed the final steps of this process, which will identify EHS research gaps, determine specific research needed to fill those gaps, and outline a long-term, overarching EHS research strategy.
I made my choice from the cooler quickly, Nehi peach-flavored pop, opened the bottle using the opener built into the cooler, took a drink, and hummed the freedom song we volunteers had improvised, "Freedom Fighters love Nehi peach-flavored pop.
It was a time when racial discrimination wasn't as subtle, when Motown music filled the air, when young girls jumped double Dutch, are Squirrel Nuts and Brown Cow candies and washed down the sticky sweets with NEHI sodas.
The blacktop pools with liquid asphalt, barefoot children trying to skip across to the store for a Nehi (their folks make them do it to kill the hookworms burrowing in their feet).
Or not to put too fine a point on it, Holifield's own autobiographical reflection--published elsewhere--of once upon a time administering the Lord's Supper in a rural Arkansas community with Nehi grape soda when the communion steward ran out of grape juice.
One of the oldest bottle cap promotions was in the 1950s; children could get free admission to afternoon movie matinees with a number of bottle caps from sodas like Frosty Root Beer and Nehi Grape Soda.
A short but incomplete list of these brands includes Double-Cola, Ski, Ale-8-One, Big Chief, Caravan Ginger Ale, Cheerwine, Chocola, Chocolate Soldier, Dad's Root Beer, Kick-a-poo Joy Juice, Jumbo, Mason's Root Beer, Nehi, Nesbitt, NuGrape, Old Red Eye, Orange Crush, Tasty Chocolate, and Sun Drop.
Nostalgic bottles of grape Nehi in the mini-bar were a nice touch, and having a VCR, CD player and coffee maker in both rooms made us feel right at home.
Not fatherless, but with a refrigerator lacking Coke, Pepsi, Tab, Nesbitt, Nehi - all the cool stuff my friends were drinking.