NEHLNew England Hockey League
NEHLNorth Eastern Hockey League
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As the field concertinered towards the finish, ever-improving Craig Isherwood (Sunderland) came through from a five-minute handicap to finish in 18th place overall and post the fastest time of the day of 35:01, which was one second quicker than Balmbra, who had won the previous NEHL fixture at Bedewell Park.
The league breaks new ground for the next fixture of the NEHL when Durham City and Elvet Striders join forces to host the event at Aykley Heads on the outskirts of Durham on Saturday, November 22 when the new timetable of races will come into force.
The Jarrow If I can backside 12-and-a-in 23 degrees and Hebburn athlete's concerted input into the Start Fitness NEHL has seen numbers grow to more than 300 from a low of heat, I'm more Vikki Thompson around 40, so it's to many of those women she is petitioning in an attempt to swell track competition among the region's seniors.
With the added numbers comes added headaches for the NEHL committee, but a superb series of competitions unfolded, with league positions and individual points only being decided on the final day.
Will Bellamy (Houghton) beats Ethan McGlen (Gateshead) in a sprint for the line in the under-11s NEHL at Wrekenton PICTURES: DAVID T HEWITSON
From left, Kim Simpson (Durham City) Isobel Knox (Tyne Bridge) and Carla Maley (NSP) in the senior women's NEHL race at Wrekenton; right, men's winner Rob Foster PICS: David T.
Vicki Thompson, the NEHL women's secretary is mindful that Tynedale have hosted the popular fixture for many years and it will be a disappointment for the club and those athletes who look forward to taking part, despite it being possibly the toughest course on the circuit.
NEHL women's secretary Vicki Thompson is delighted that Gateshead have managed to sort out the fixture, especially when time was running out.
Thompson said: "At the NEHL meeting a month or so ago all six league fixtures were decided on, but the Sherman was left on the table with the hope that some club would come forward.
On hand to present more than PS2,400 of awards were Alan Turnbull of Start Fitness, NEHL secretaries Vicky Thompson and Micky Baker and league treasurer Alan Elders.
ON THE RUN Competitors in the senior men's race wind their way round the fields above Prudhoe in the final NEHL fixture of the season.