NEHLNew England Hockey League
NEHLNorth Eastern Hockey League
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Vicki Thompson, the NEHL women's secretary, is particularly pleased that the fixture has been rearranged as she will be able to take part after completing her day's admin duties.
With specific reference to the Community order, see HANS PETER NEHL, PRINCIPLES OF ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE IN EC LAW (1999); among the oldest studies, see Albrecht Weber, Il diritto amministrativo procedimentale nell'ordinamento della Comunita europea, in RIVISTA ITALIANA DI DIRITTO PUBBLICO COMUNITARIO393 et seq.
The go-ahead NEHL committee, while overseeing that everything goes smoothly at each of the season's six fixtures, have now implemented an NEHL blog which has all the relevant up-to-date information for athletes and team managers.
NEHL secretary Mick Baker and his committee worked tirelessly prior to the AGM to make sure the league once again will function in the same manner which makes it the envy of many other organisations up and down the country.
Competitors are quickly back in action when the second NEHL fixture takes place on Sunday at Druridge Bay.
Despite the fact that the meeting clashed with a number of other races in the region, the organisers and the NEHL committee were delighted with the turnout and eagerly look forward to the second fixture this coming Sunday at Druridge Bay.
Copies of Archie Jenkins' Whipper, priced PS8, available at all the NEHL meetings, or email him at: archiemeadowriggs@btinternet.
The NEHL women's secretary, Vicki Thompson, was delighted at the large turn out at the awards presentation and had numerous people to thank afterwards.
It's been a testing time for the Jarrow and Hebburn athlete and the rest of NEHL committee since the last competition was held at Druridge Bay in November.
As the Town Moor is out of commission due to waterlogging, both on the original date and the subsequent re-arranged date, the last NEHL outing for athletes was at Druridge Bay on November 28.
However, it could well be the fixture will not be lost altogether as the NEHL committee are already looking at alternative dates later in the year, though that in itself poses problems in an already packed diary.
Many a time the Jarrow and Hebburn athlete manages to adapt her secretarial work around joining the hundreds of other women on the NEHL start line.