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NEICNational Earthquake Information Center (USGS)
NEICNational Enforcement Investigations Center (EPA)
NEICNational Energy Information Center (DOE, EIA)
NEICNortheast Illinois Council (Boy Scouts of America)
NEICNational Electronic Information Corporation
NEICNorth East Inner City (Dublin, Ireland building plan)
NEICNetherlands East India Company
NEICNew England Insurance Company
NEICNorth East Immunology Club (England)
NEICNew England Intercollegiate Geological Conference
NEICNavy Expeditionary Intelligence Command (US Navy)
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The staff coordinates daily with logistics hubs in 5th and 6th Fleets, the Horn of Africa, and Joint Operating BaseAfghanistan to ensure forward deployed NEIC forces have the resources required to complete the mission.
In the year 2000, the EPA will conduct more than 15,000 inspections and investigations, and many will involve the NEIC.
The recent temblor killed 80 people and left almost 70,000 persons homeless, according to NEIC.
WORCESTER - The New England Institute of Chemists has awarded the 2009 NEIC Secondary School Chemistry Teacher Award to Doherty Memorial High School chemistry teacher Samuel A.
Inclusion in the booklet does not imply an endorsement by EIA or NEIC of any group's materials or policy positions on energy-related issues.
For example, NEIC might forward an electronic claim from a provider to an insurer, but the insurer, likely as not, would print it out and rekey it into its own system, he says.
The apparent clustering has led some to wonder whether the number of quakes worldwide is increasing, says Waverly Person of NEIC.
Both NEIC and TNIC are ultimately owned by Tower Group, Inc.
The team at the not-for-profit business support group had been helping to develop innovations to prototype stage since 1983 and when the organisation closed the staff, premises and assets were bought out by former NEIC experts with a view to operating as a commercial company.
NEIC capabilities provide timely, relevant force protection indications, warnings and tactical intelligence which enables combatant commanders to conduct missions across the spectrum of expeditionary operations; including major combat operations, maritime security operations, combat engineering/construction, theater security cooperation support, security assistance, foreign military training, maritime civil affairs and riverine operations.
It gained preeminent standing in the payer market throughout the NEIC acquisition.