NEIEPNational Elevator Industry Educational Program
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In two winter periods of 1978 and 1979, more than 700 tonnes OS were fired in two BFB boilers with capacity of 10 t/h in NEIEP.
Paul Walker who leads the NEIEP Waste and Environment Programme, said: "It's essential that we get the message across to North East residents that if they dispose of TVs and other small household electric items in the right place, the materials can be broken up, reprocessed and used to produce new materials and components for other products.
Martin Ryan, regional director of the NEIEP, said: "The North East has been hugely affected by flooding in recent years.
We see young people as being householders of the future and hope that issues such as recycling and waste reduction will become second nature to them," said Ben Grant, a project officer at the NEIEP.