NEIINational Elevator Industry, Inc.
NEIINational Environmental Information Infrastructure
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Todd Bluedorn, Otis Elevator Company - Bluedorn is new to NEII and was named president of North and South America Area (NSAA) for Otis in November of 2004.
Harada is responsible for all Fujitec America operations and is new to NEII.
The Trust Committee is solely responsible for administering the rights and obligations of NEII with regards to the NEI Benefits and Educational Trusts.
I have confidence that the newly elected Board will complement and continue the progress NEII has made within the industry this past year.
NEII membership is open to all companies in the business of elevators and escalators, reflecting its commitment to providing opportunities for industry members to become more actively involved in advocacy and leadership.
Trust membership is available to those corporations, firms, or companies who, as part of their regular business, employ members of the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) and contribute to the benefit trusts (Trusts) established by agreements between the IUEC and NEII.
NEII also is committing resources to working with state and local authorities to adopt the latest ASME escalator regulations.
In addition to pursuing these code changes, NEII is conducting a targeted awareness campaign to help educate building owners and managers on the importance of injury prevention through proper escalator maintenance.
Escalator safety is obtainable only through a joint effort by building owners, manufacturers, maintenance companies and the riding public," says James Walker, NEII Executive Director.
The most recent industry-supported NEII effort has focused on reducing potential step/skirt entrapments.
Based on the findings of the ADL study, NEII is recommending that all escalators, existing and new, in the U.
1 Code, NEII is recommending for installed escalators a combination of an Index of at least 0.