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NEITNew England Institute of Technology
NEITNew and Expanding Industry Training (North Carolina)
NEITNegative Enhanced Imaging Technology (laser printer power setting)
NEITNew England Industrial Truck, Inc. (est. 1952; various locations)
NEITNetwork Element Inventory Tool (Sprint PCS)
NEITNew Equipment Introductory Team
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CCC boasted the largest NEIT project in the state over the past year, when Bosch Home Appliances agreed to locate a large plant in the eastern North Carolina city.
Aware that OT practitioners treat the whole person, including physical, emotional, cognitive, sensory and perceptual needs, the NEIT program training includes all aspects of life skills development from infancy to adulthood.
In neit her case was it required that the alternate isnads have fewer intermediaries than the version passing through the famous collector, but, as Ibn al-Salah explains, no one would bother with them if they did not.
Natural teaching, in other words, is neit her necessarily equitable nor instructive in the sense of being cognitively challenging, enriching, and conceptual.
Although Janet Zandy categorizes working-class writing as exploring "connections between individual identity and collective sensibility" (10), Lizzie defines herself on her own terms and neit her understands her identity in relation to significant others nor finds definition in community with any class group.
As Weber concludes, "Most of all this is neit her good nor bad.