NEIUNorth Eastern Illinois University
NEIUNortheast Educational Intermediate Unit (Archbald, PA)
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I would like to point out that NEIU was featured recently in Black Issues in Higher Education as being one of the leading U.
Maureen Gillette, Dean of the College of Education at NEIU, adds that the program will make a difference for urban educators who are poised to take an even greater leadership role in their schools.
NEIU teachers with a background in urban education will teach students in the program, and the university is committed to increasing the presence of NEIU programs that focus on schools in inner-city communities.
The NEIU administration must also ratify the contract and the union chooses not to comment on contract specifics until the agreement is fully ratified.
30 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a statement from NEIU Chapter President Ed Hunt:
Once again, the NEIU administration's bargaining team refused to make any significant compromises and move towards reaching a settlement.
WHAT: NEIU Chapter President Ed Hunt and union negotiators will review the results of today's mediation session, and discuss reports of retribution against faculty and students by university administration.
In Fiscal Year (FY) 2002-03, NEIU budgeted approximately $35,210,000 for Instructional Activity.
It must invest in resources so the faculty and staff can maintain a quality of educational programs at NEIU.
CONTACT: Ed Hunt, NEIU Chapter President of UPI, +1-773-442-5586