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NELHANatural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority
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On the other hand, NELHA is only a few miles from Kona International, and the delicate business of shipping live abalone would likely require air transportation regardless of the location of the farm.
Since the world's tropical oceans are a huge collector of heat energy, NELHA engineers can take advantage of a process that uses that energy for various scientific and practical endeavors.
To do that, NELHA transport the cold water from deep in the ocean to the surface.
The NELHA project at Keahole Point was a perfect fit to advance the vision and mission of both organizations.
The NREL partnership will allow us to implement a solar test bed at NELHA's research campus and continue to develop distributed energy resources at NELHA," said Gregory Barbour, NELHA executive director.
The NELHA experience spawned a group of ocean energy pioneers and, despite the US Government's abandonment of support for OTEC, these pioneers concentrated on cooling with deep lake water or deep seawater.
At NELHA, John Craven pioneered "Skywater" which is basically using deep cold water in coils exposed to outside air to condense the humidity into pure fresh water.
OTI will build a pilot plant at NELHA to produce net electricity, rather than simply test components.
During the ceremony, Conley recognized SolFocus partners in the technology project, NELHA, represented by Will Rolston, and the Hawaii County Economic Opportunity Council, represented by Max Goldberger, who was instrumental in bringing SolFocus to the islands.
In the past year, SolFocus has been collaborating with NELHA to test its CPV systems to assure that the technology is ideally suited to a tropical island environment.
We got here through collaboration and partnerships, like our partnership with NELHA, which provided us with a fantastic combination of geography, climate and people.