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NELLNew England Lighthouse Lovers
NELLNord Europe Life Luxembourg (insurance)
NELLNew England Land Link (farm aid)
NELLNear Eastern Languages and Literature
NELLNoise Equivalent Line Length
NELLN-Epsilon-Lithocholyl Lysine
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I didn't promise my Minnie anything and Hal hasn't made any promise to Nell.
Come, saints and sinners, hear me tell How pious priests whip Jack and Nell, And women buy and children sell, And preach all sinners down to hell, And sing of heavenly union.
Such transfigurations have been achieved by hundreds of resolutely ambitious young women since Nell Gwynne set them the example by playing queens and fascinating kings in the theatre in which she began by selling oranges.
There seemed an inexhaustible source of humor and pathos in his work, which I now find choked and dry; I cannot laugh any more at Pickwick or Sam Weller, or weep for little Nell or Paul Dombey; their jokes, their griefs, seemed to me to be turned on, and to have a mechanical action.
No doubt a fancied affinity with Tom Pinch through their common love of music made him like that most sentimental and improbable personage, whom he would have disowned and laughed to scorn if he had met him in life; but it was a purely altruistic sympathy that he felt with Little Nell and her grandfather.
Oxford and Drury Lane itself dispute the dignity of giving birth to Nell Gwynne with Hereford, where a mean house is still pointed out as the first home of this mother of a line of dukes, whose great-grandson was to occupy the neighbouring palace as Bishop of Hereford for forty years.
The famous Nell Gwynn, stepping one day, from a house where she had made a short visit, into her coach, saw a great mob assembled, and her footman all bloody and dirty; the fellow, being asked by his mistress the reason of his being in that condition, answered, `I have been fighting, madam, with an impudent rascal who called your ladyship a wh--re.
We had scarcely begun our repast when there was a knock at the door by which I had entered, and Nell bursting into a hearty laugh, which I was rejoiced to hear, for it was childlike and full of hilarity, said it was no doubt dear old Kit coming back at last.
There, bid him good night, Nell, and let him be gone
Sleep soundly, Nell,' he said in a low voice, 'and angels guard thy bed
While there, James and Nell visited an orphanage and the English-speaking school.
As a result of the condition, sufferers have a much greater risk of developing cancer and in the early days Nell attended a string of hospital appointments In the programme, which airs tonight, Nell is seen being given the good news that her exceptional growth is beginning to level off and the risk of her developing cancer is now no greater than her peers.