NEMBCNational Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasting Council
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Despite the skepticism of the nationalistic radicals, largely through Walker, who also served as his campaign manager, Gerard had developed a relationship with the NEMBC.
In response, the NEMBC and CUCPJ organized a large demonstration at the October 25 city council meeting.
Members of CUCPJ and NEMBC called for a citizens' review board, drug testing after an officer fired a weapon, and a residency requirement.
The NEMBC demands ran counter to Carter's initiatives.
64 percent black population, NEMBC members immediately informed Gerard and members of the council that anyone but Anthony Cobb, a local African American, would ensure continued disruption of council meetings and an escalation of mobilizations against the city.
Given their differences in class position, ideology, religion, and approach to social change, how did the NEMBC members unite to successfully challenge police brutality in Champaign?
NEMBC used critical dialogues to build trust and establish norms for political and personal relations.
NEMBC used dialogues and political education to challenge negative concepts of African Americans, and social policies and practices that negatively affected the black community.
NEMBC spent nine months basically developing trust through a series of dialogues in which members shared deeply personal information about their upbringing, experiences, and core values.
Working within the geographic space of the black community, NEMBC used the black community's sense of itself as a distinct community to deepen its sense of political efficacy.
NEMBC used the existing social capital, the existing institutions within the black community, to facilitate its organizing strategy.
Even though several NEMBC core members lived outside of the North End, the organization resisted notions that the black community no longer was an enclave confined within the spatial boundaries of the North End.