NEMISNational Emergency Management Information System
NEMISNational Epidemiology of Mycosis Survey (internal medicine)
NEMISNational Education Management Information System (Pakistan)
NEMISNetWolves Enterprise Management Information System (Tampa, FL)
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Mohammad Khan Khichi, DG AEPAM thanked the WFP for providing technical and financial support for the publication of the report and for training NEMIS and EMIS staff in GIS-based projects.
The main purpose of the NEMIS is to collate education statistics, maintain comprehensive national education database, set standards for quality improvement of education data and provide technical support to the provincial and district EMISs for enhancing their capacity to generate and maintain education data.
NEMIS enables NetWolves to provide a higher level of customization and detailed invoicing that is necessary for colleges and universities, including the company's current customers that are anticipated to contract for NetWolves' ASUREnet(TM) and other advanced services such as VoIP, Wi-Fi, and satellite broadband.