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NEMNNational Emergency Management Network
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The NEMN also features a member-supplied comprehensive database of people and physical assets available for emergency response and recovery efforts ("ResourceVision" from Emergency Visions) as well as an integrated geo-mapping and situational awareness tool ("GTVC" from the Georgia Tech Research Institute) to identify, activate, track, and coordinate response assets.
NEMN members believe the network approach makes sense.
ICMA's vision for the NEMN is to create a disaster-assistance system that relies on a network of partnerships among local governments .
PERI has been in a technology-leadership position for local governments for many years, and I am confident that the NEMN will provide tremendous value to communities who must now be prepared for catastrophic events as well as local emergencies," said Gerry Hoetmer, Executive Director of PERI.
Membership in the NEMN is available to public entities on an annual subscription basis, and includes the right to operate and utilize the software technologies that support the NEMN, and to access educational and training resources that help participant's policy makers develop effective emergency management programs.