NEMPFNorth and East Midlands Photographic Federation
NEMPFNorth East Minority Peoples Front (India)
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While this was one of the commitments given by the Congress party during the 2009 Delhi University Students' Union election, besides NEMPF, the Delhi-Arunachal Forum (DelAru), a voluntary organization of Arunachalees living in Delhi, had also placed the same demand with the state's MPs.
The next meeting will be held on Monday, February 12, when a pre-recorded audio visual presentation produced by the NEMPF Exhibition 2018 will be shown.
NEPMF chairman Mukut Mithi in a representation to the VC said the hostel should be named 'Subansiri Hostel' after the river in Arunachal Pradesh, and suggested co-opting JNU Deputy Registrar Anthony as liaison officer between JNU and the NEMPF.