NEMSISNational Emergency Medical Services Information System
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The system shall meet or exceed the NEMSIS Gold Compliant Standard as described at www.
0 compliant Fire Records Management systems (FRMS), NEMSIS Gold compliant Emergency Medical Services Patient Reporting systems (e-PCR) and Field Based Reporting systems that are integrated with Computer-Aided-Dispatch (CAD) vendors.
The RMS software shall have the capability to submit NEMSIS v3.
TriTech Emergency Medical Systems product portfolio includes three primary state-of-the-art products including NEMSIS Gold certified electronic Patient Care Reporting and advanced Billing & Collections software, which complements their EMS and Fire CAD and Mobile Data solutions capable of handling the most demanding high performance and non-emergency EMS environments.
The EPCR vendor s product is NEMSIS 3 compliant, or the vendor is able to document that it is
Intermedix Corporation, the leading provider of technology-based business services to emergency providers, announced today its electronic patient care reporting ("ePCR") solution, TripTix([R]), has received the highly coveted NEMSIS Gold rating.
Vital Data Technology is a NEMSIS Gold compliant company.