NEMTNon-Emergency Medical Transportation (West Virginia)
NEMTNorth East Mountain Trust (est. 1979; Scotland, UK)
NEMTNational Emergency Management Team (FEMA)
NEMTNorth East Maritime Trust
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If you would like to volunteer with the NEMT, or to take part in a boat building course, contact Philip Smith on 0191 536 1851.
Until now, Pantonium's clients have been mostly in NEMT and related areas, but with the recent introduction of their EverRun software, the company's market reach has expanded.
Themes included the following: rural counties are underserved by non-emergency medical transportation, negative health consequences occurred from lax NEMT services, and time is an influential variable for patients and medical staff.
By 2001 he had gained a business and computing degree from Sunderland University and although NEMT was making healthy profits he ditched the venture for an IT role at Guernsey Police.
Before transportation brokerage services, Medicaid funding for NEMT services was strictly cost based.
In addition to the quality accreditation, the company was awarded contracts to manage four regions of South Carolina's NEMT program, Mississippi's statewide NEMT program, Philadelphia County's Medical Assistance Transportation Program, re-awarded the Medicaid NEMT contract in Colorado; and the company received an early contract renewal in Missouri.
Davis emphasizes the uniqueness of NEMT as vital part of its success.
The Company estimates that nationwide, companies providing NEMT management services in this segment generate approximately $750 million in annual revenue.
Tim West, NEMT director and renovation project manager, said: "Bringing together for the first time, the world's second oldest lifeboat and a modern day lifeboat provides a unique and historic photo opportunity that illustrates the advances in lifeboat design and development from the pioneering days of the world's first purpose designed rowing lifeboats, that all began here in South Shields, to the modern and fast hi-tech lifeboats of today.
MASTInc's client, NEMT, is developing a unique electromagnetic hydrocarbon and mineral exploration survey system for both offshore and onshore oil and mineral exploration.
NEMT services are those that are not needed within 48 hours from the request for services.
NEMT is a member of a group of companies owned by Norsk Mineralutvikling AS, which includes Excel Expro Norge AS, an oil and gas offshore exploration company, and World Port Kirkenes AS, a transportation and logistics company.