NEMUNational Election Monitoring (Nairobi, Kenya)
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This meant that HealthStat took the data from CRS, NEMU, PMU and HIPE at face value.
Catalent Pharma Solutions has teamed up with Nemus Bioscience (OTCMKTS:NMUS) in a bid to develop a synthetic cannabinoid that can be used to combat the nausea that comes with chemotherapy treatment, In-PharmaTechnologist reported on Monday.
In the second notification, Onstad, as an obligated person, informed the company about a transaction concluded outside the regulated market by his indirectly controlled party, Hafrestroms Foretagspark AB, which has received the amount of 1,350,000 shares of the company at the market price SEK7,53 per share as settlement of receivables from Nemus Holding AB.
Maenalus argutumque nemus pinusque loquentis Semper habet, semper pastorum ille audit amores Panaque, qui primus calamos non passus inertis.
99, Next Directory 0845 600 7000 3: Reebok retro training jacket pounds 45 and training pants pounds 32, Littlewoods Extra 08457 55 22 11 4: Nike Cortez running shoes in ecru/dark red, pounds 55, Argos Additions 0845 306 0005 5: Puma Nemus sport shoes in white/navy/sky, pounds 45, Littlewoods Extra 08457 55 22 11
in the course of his discussion, he cites Cooper's inclusion of Seneca's ~remugit nemus latratu' as ~The wodde ryngeth with the crie of houndes' under ~latrare' (Shakspere's Small Latine & Lesse Greeke, ii.
Biopharmaceutical company NEMUS Bioscience Inc (OtherOTC:NMUS) reported on Wednesday the execution of a licensing agreement with the University of Mississippi (UM) for a platform of cannabinoid-based molecules (UM5070) for potential anti-infective use against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
si quis tamen haec quoque, si quis captus amore leget, te nostrae, Vare, myricae, te nemus omne canet; nee Phoebo gratior ulla est quam sibi quae Vari praescripsit pagina nomen.
illa quidem clamore nemus montemque replevit; sed Bacchi comites, discussa nube soporis, signa choris indicta putant; fragor undique notus tollitur, et thyrsos iterum vibrabat Achilles.
qua nemus reflexum / natiuam dare porticum laborans / non lucum arboribus facit, sed antrum, dove coesistono due termini, nemus e lucum, la cui compresenza e, invece, contestata da Enk a Prop.
aras)" and "The 'Cave near Aeolus's reappears as the arch of the old aqueduct at the Porta Capena, where one tortured citizen, Umbricius, will blow up a 322-hexameter gale of hatred for the city, fit for an inner-cityscape's denatured nemus ('grove': Sat.
Los Nemus del Pacifico have recorded many great albums dedicated to the son, but one particular album is a rare find.