NEOBNew England Organ Bank
NEOBNew Executive Office Building (Washington, DC)
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With the interview ended, Vickie and I walked down polished white corridors to the White House Athletic Center (WHAC), also located in the NEOB.
NEOB, a nonprofit procurement organization, is responsible for the surgical recovery of organs and tissues for transplant throughout the New England region.
Dempsey points out that NEOB takes both parties through this sensitive and thorough process, ensuring a comfortable and respectful outcome.
CDS received a call from NEOB, the host OPO, offering Type A organs to two donor match run list patients at Duke.
NEOB subsequently asked CDS to convey its offer to Duke, which CDS did, and Duke accepted.
CDS was the information conduit between NEOB and Duke.
The intensive care team lets NEOB know if someone who is near death might be medically suitable.
NEOB sends donation coordinators, too, to assess the situation.