NEORSDNortheast Ohio Regional Sewer District (est. 1972)
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Table 96: NEORSD - Dugway Storage Tunnel - Ohio, Location Details
Table 97: NEORSD - Dugway Storage Tunnel - Ohio, Funding Details
Such a significant improvement to the water quality can be attributed in part to upgrades in the treatment facilities, especially the NEORSD Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant and the City of Akron Wastewater Treatment Plant; the policing of industry and installation of industrial pretreatment; the removal of ammonia and chlorine from treated wastewater; and the decrease in combined untreated wastewater and storm water (CSO), especially with the recent addition of the Mill Creek tunnel.
Montgomery also noted the NEORSD received the Award of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association for 2004.