NEOSANortheast Ohio Software Association
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For the past eight years the NEOSA Best of Tech Awards Ceremony has been recognizing outstanding innovative companies and entrepreneurs in the region.
We're very proud to recognize some great companies and leaders this year," said Brad Nellis, director of NEOSA.
I am honored to be carrying his vision for NEOSA into the future.
About NEOSA, the COSE Technology Network NEOSA is a membership-based organization that promotes the advancement of the technology community and the information technology industry of Northeast Ohio.
NEOSA encourages area companies to nominate their own CIO, for vendors to nominate client-CIO's and also for peers to nominate peer-CIO's.
We're very impressed with the quality of the nominated companies," says Phil Alexander, President of BrandMuscle and Chairman of NEOSA.
Only companies headquartered in Northeast Ohio are eligible for the awards, but COSE or NEOSA membership is not required to apply.
We've heard from a number of COSE members that they'd like to find tech companies willing to do business with, and support, smaller companies," says Brad Nellis, Director of NEOSA (the COSE Technology Network).
NEOSA is an industry-led, industry-driven organization made up of nearly 700 member companies representing all facets of information technology.
TV Network and NEOSA (Northeast Ohio Software Association - The COSE Technology Network) honored Charles Rotuno, President & CEO of OEConnection LLC, for his leadership and commitment to technology career awareness in Northeast Ohio.
Last year, NEOSA received 42 nominations for the award.
The presentation, "SEO and SEM for the Tech Company," is part of a sales and marketing seminar series produced by NEOSA, the COSE Technology Network.