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NEPANational Environmental Policy Act of 1969
NEPANortheastern Pennsylvania
NEPANational Electric Power Authority
NEPANew England Press Association (since 1950)
NEPANational Environment Protection Agency
NEPANewsletter & Electronic Publishers Association (now Specialized Information Publishers Association)
NEPANorth East Productivity Alliance
NEPANational Environmental and Planning Agency (Jamaica)
NEPANational Energy Policy Act of 1992
NEPANuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft
NEPANigeria Electric Production Authority
NEPANorth East Publicity Association (UK)
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is whether NEPA obliges the Forest Service to discuss in its FEIS a
While NEPA does not impose a requirement on proponents to
error, NEPA is satisfied, even though the provisions of the Clean Air
In a guide for aligning NEPA with Environmental Management Systems (EMS), CEQ described the NEPA process in part as ".
CEQ and the California Governor's Office recently released a handbook for integrating state and federal environmental review, which explained the NEPA process for a mitigated FONSI: "If the potentially significant impacts can be mitigated to a point where clearly no significant effects would occur, then the lead agency may prepare a Finding of No Significant Impact.
27), where that determination is demonstrated in the NEPA document and supported by the administrative record.
T]he Bureau does have an obligation under NEPA to reassess its operation of the Trinity River Division in light of its environmental impacts.
The leading case on NEPA and Bureau project operations, Upper Snake River Chapter of Trout Unlimited v.
When an environmental group sued the Bureau for lowering lake levels without an EIS in operating the Klamath Project, the Ninth Circuit rejected the plaintiff's NEPA argument in a single paragraph of an unpublished memorandum decision.
physical environment do not fall under the purview of NEPA.
on NEPA compliance and maximize their efforts to conserve endangered and
NEPA, "the first major environmental law in the United