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NEPANational Environmental Policy Act of 1969
NEPANortheastern Pennsylvania
NEPANational Electric Power Authority
NEPANew England Press Association (since 1950)
NEPANational Environment Protection Agency
NEPANewsletter & Electronic Publishers Association (now Specialized Information Publishers Association)
NEPANorth East Productivity Alliance
NEPANational Environmental and Planning Agency (Jamaica)
NEPANational Energy Policy Act of 1992
NEPANuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft
NEPANigeria Electric Production Authority
NEPANorth East Publicity Association (UK)
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The scope of the ESA and NEPA is immense--they capture all actions federal agencies authorize, fund, or carry out.
To evaluate the scope and impact of this agency discretion aversion trend, we analyzed all reported judicial decisions in which the court ruled on an agency's ESA or NEPA nondiscretion claim.
It may be difficult to do a single NEPA for 30 straight minutes, so first focus on doing 10-minute segments until you can build up to 30 minutes of non-stop activity.
While NEPA is not meant to replace your usual exercise program, as it lacks the necessary constant intensity and muscular stimulus, it should be used to complement your usual workout routines so you can stay active longer.
According to the terms of the new contract, Helsinn retains all international regulatory and clinical development activities and the supply of NEPA for commercial use.
Streamlining NEPA project approval is a core need for the transportation community--to save time and money while improving the quality of NEPA documents.
Rather, NEPA EISs should evaluate if--and importantly,
This Note first introduces NEPA and the author's survey of
Country: USASector: Agriculture/Forestry, Paper/Packaging/Office SuppliesTarget: Nepa Pallet and Container Co IncBuyer: UFP Washington LLC, Universal Forest Products IncVendor: The Sherry familyType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
critical habitat designations do require NEPA compliance, (37) and thus
whether critical habitat designations require NEPA compliance.
Thus, despite their environmental impacts, the Bureau's decisions regarding project operations have mostly been immune from NEPA requirements to develop alternatives, involve the public, and assess environmental consequences.