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NEPASNorth East Post Adoption Service (UK)
NEPASNetwork Planning and Administration System (Sprint)
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Courts have also upheld an agency's decision not to supplement when it is clear that the environmental impacts associated with the new information have been considered by the agency and that any future action implicating the new information will receive separate NEPA treatment.
182) The court noted that the BA already took into account many of petitioners' secondary concerns and that the FAA would study construction beyond the West Bay Sector plan separately under NEPA.
1) Prioritize and streamline the regulatory review of renewable energy projects by proclaiming in laws like NEPA and other major environmental statutes that quickly building significant numbers of such projects is of great strategic importance to the U.
3) Develop the expanded use of categorical exclusions under NEPA for offshore wind demonstration, testing, and small-scale projects; and
SEQRA owes a great deal to its federal counterpart, NEPA, adopted just a few years beforehand, as well as to the laws of other states.
9) While many commentators have bemoaned the course that the caselaw has taken (10)--the fact remains that courts routinely apply NEPA to require analysis of environmental impacts.
More than 65 sessions and dozens of speakers (of whom 40 percent are speaking at a NEPA conference for the first time) will cover traditional marketing, electronic marketing, sales, basics, "beyond newsletters," editorial, electronic, management, and consumer products.
Word has it that the NEPA board of directors is meeting soon in Atlanta for a "long range planning and brainstorming session.
KRM, which NEPA uses on a regular basis, handles registration services, telecommunications, professional moderators, and speaker orientation.
If this person feels distanced from NEPA, he or she should get involved," Jenkins said.
The Ninth Circuit's Relaxed Approach to NEPA Standing Also