NEPDNational Energy Policy Development group
NEPDNew England Professional Development
NEPDNetwork for Electronic Product Design (est. 1996; UK)
NEPDNueva Editorial de Prensa Digital (Spanish: New Press Digital Publishing; Spain)
NEPDNon-Epileptic Paroxysmal Disorder
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In a study in which 134 NEPD cases were evaluated, Sandifer syndrome was found in the etiology in four of a total of 26 infants (8).
For further information on the Employment Pack, contact Colin Bryant at NEPD on (0191) 516- 6806/6803 or visit the website at www.
The Second NEPD marked the end to UAC "control" over its affiliates in Nigeria; it altered not only ownership but administrative arrangements.
However, the report also addresses fusion, saying "The NEPD Group recommends that the President direct the Secretary of Energy to develop next generation technology--including hydrogen and fusion.