NEPMNational Environment Protection Measures (Australia)
NEPMNetwork Equipment Performance Monitor (Nova Software)
NEPMNew England Promotional Marketing (est. 1989; Wilbraham, MA)
NEPMNon-Parametric Expected Maximization (cancer)
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As the levels of soil TPH (10 000 mg/kg) and metals were within acceptable guidelines of NEPM (NEPC 1999) and Environmental Protection Authority (EPA 2010) with PAH not being detected (Table 3), the soil samples were legally suitable for discharge into selected landfills as low level contaminant wastes (Table 3).
Interestingly, no ecotoxicity investigations are presently legally mandatory and no guide ecological investigation levels are available before soil use for residential purposes in the current NEPM guideline (NEPC 1999).
The aim of the current research was to determine the nature, concentration, and source of Cu, Pb, and Zn in topsoil in Iron Cove catchment and to compare concentrations with ANZECC and NH&MRC (1992) environmental investigation limit standards and NEPM (1999) schedule B (1) draft guidelines.
NEPM (1999) National Environment Protection Measure for the assessment of site contamination, 1999--Draft Guideline 1.
This NEPM covers all aspects of site assessment including sampling considerations, analyses, risk assessment, and community consultation but is focussed more on urban and industrial soil contamination.