NEPRANational Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Pakistan)
NEPRANortheastern Pennsylvania Rocketry Association
NEPRANew England Park Ranger Association
NEPRANorton Elmwood Park Racing Association (Kansas)
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The meeting reviewed NEPRA amendment bill 2017, PPIB 2017 and budget of the ministry for financial year 2018-19 in length.
Under the Nepra Performance Standards (Generation) Rules 2009, Genco-I, II and III submitted their quarterly performance reports for the three years containing data particularly pertaining to the reference capacity, planned/unplanned outage hours, availability factor, net capacity factor and net output factor.
Under NEPRA performance standards (generation) rules 2009, GENCO-I, II and III submitted quarterly performance reports for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 containing the data particularly with respect to reference capacity, planned/unplanned outage hours, availability factor, net capacity factor and net output factor as prescribed under these rules.
The bill will give the NEPRA powers to make regulations.
Nepra will approve the selection process and appointment of the engineer whereas tests will be conducted in the presence of Nepra professionals as observers.
The fines were imposed due to non-compliance of Performance Standards, Distribution Code, Distribution license, NEPRA Act and Rules and Regulations particularly with respect to failure to restore the power supply within prescribed time, failure to provide proper voltage level (poor quality of supply), failure to reduce the overloading of power transformers, failure to utilize the amounts/funds and failure to provide correct information regarding interruptions, duration of interruptions and number of complaints, said a press release issued here Thursday.
As K Electric extorts Rs62 billion extra from consumers, there are remote chances that National Electrcity and Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) would be able to recover this amount from the 'extortionist utility agency' as the NEPRA is seems just a dummy and good for nothing, retired and powerless officials of NEPRA are occupying the key posts of this so-called regularoty authority that is allowing to rip-off the helpless consumers.
During the course of hearing, NEPRA curtailed the tariff by Rs 2.
As if to underline the ministry's objections, Nepra has reportedly refused to undertake a technical audit of a number of power plants.
KE rejected NEPRA s show cause notice which was merely based upon speculation and was outside the provisions of the NEPRA Act and regulations and hence unlawful.
Suo motu proceedings had been started by Nepra for establishing upfront tariff for short-term usage of available generation capacity from CPPs on gas.
In December 2016, Nepra issued licences to 20 consumers seeking net-metering connections in Lahore.