NEPTNational Environmental Performance Track (EPA)
NEPTNegril Environmental Protection Trust (Jamaica)
NEPTNon-Emergency Patient Transport (Australia)
NEPTNeuro-Epidemiology Project South-Tyrol
NEPTNeptune Technologies and Bioresources, Inc. (stock symbol)
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Yu and Coglianese utilized a database compiled by Booz Allen Hamilton, which contains public and EPA information for about 561 facilities that applied for NEPT membership during application rounds 2-7, including those rejected.
EPVs outreach activities supplemented recruitment activities under the NEPT program.
If the annual performance reports failed to be delivered as required or if site inspections revealed problems in meeting NEPT standards, EPA may ask the facility to withdraw from the program.
Thus, membership of NEPT signaled that firms were engaged in a form of CSR--defined as doing more than they are required to do under applicable laws and regulations governing the environment.
First, NEPT membership indicates a verified compliance record of the member facility.
Membership in the NEPT program is publicized in a number of ways.
A search through LexisNexis shows that the NEPT program received little coverage in major newspapers, but a lot of coverage in newswires.
The lack of coverage of the NEPT program in national newspapers is expected due to the specificity of the information.
The NEPT program is facility based; parent firm information was obtained from application forms submitted to the EPA.
Many firms have multiple facilities in the NEPT program.
Of the 93 publicly traded firms with facilities that joined the NEPT program.
Some participating firms had multiple facilities that joined the NEPT program at different dates; they each had more than one event date.