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If investors interpret the news of NEPT membership as a signal for reduced risk, the stock values of pollution-intensive industries should experience a greater positive shock than others.
If NEPT membership indicates greater ability to innovate and to attract talent and improve productivity, firms with higher R&D expense should experience bigger positive shocks to their stock values.
The impact of announcement of NEPT membership on a firm's stock price may also depend on the magnitude of the shock--that is how many facilities of a parent firm are awarded NEPT membership at each event date.
It is also posited that a parent firm having facilities accepted into the NEPT program for the first time may experience larger ARs.
These included the ELP and StarTrack program, the forerunners of the NEPT program.
The NEPT program is a voluntary program that seeks to recognize, reward, and encourage facilities that exemplify "strong" or "top" environmental performance.
Participation in the NEPT program is one form of CSR, in which firms are engaged in environmental protection activities beyond mere compliance, such as establishing an EMS and committing to reductions beyond the requirements of laws and regulations.
Yu and Coglianese utilized a database compiled by Booz Allen Hamilton, which contains public and EPA information for about 561 facilities that applied for NEPT membership during application rounds 2-7, including those rejected.
EPVs outreach activities supplemented recruitment activities under the NEPT program.
If the annual performance reports failed to be delivered as required or if site inspections revealed problems in meeting NEPT standards, EPA may ask the facility to withdraw from the program.
Give patients the option to sign-up for real time information alerts to track the status of their NEPT journey request
The scope of this non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) service shall include provision of NEPT to and from the following healthcare premises of the following NHS Trusts or other services: