NEQnot Equal to
NEQNuméro d'Entreprise du Québec (French: Québec Enterprise Number)
NEQNet Explosive Quantity
NEQNew England Quarterly
NEQNoise Equivalent Quanta
NEQNortheast Qualifier (gaming tournament)
NEQNorth East Quattro Club (automobile club)
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html#inorganic NEQ standards: National Environmental quality standards, Pakistan (1999) Adapted from Chaudhry and Jabeen (2011).
Phillippe 36097 (EIU, ILLS); NEQ Sec 4 T20N R9W, 30 Aug 1982, S.
level NVT NAT NEL NEQ One-propeller STR configuration 1st level 510 1,216 352 4,000 2d level 3,450 9,088 2,816 30,080 3d level 25,074 70,144 22,528 232,960 4th level 190,434 550,912 180,224 1,832,960 Three-propellers STR configuration 1st level 1,406 3,528 1,048 11,632 2d level 9,864 26,688 8,384 88,448 3d level 73,100 207,360 67,072 689,152 4th level 560,916 1,634,304 536,576 5,439,488 TABLE 3.
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11 Ga there was extensive NEQ (New England-Quebec) magmatic activity [#27a] in the eastern United States and Quebec.
See also Sybil Wier, "The Morgesons: A Neglected Female Bildungsroman," NEQ 49 (1976), 427-39.
The calculus NEQ can be used for reasoning about disjunctive clauses where each clause C is a set of atomic formulae (i.
The NET of each party is then divided by the NEQ to determine the number of its seats to be allocated (which of a party's candidates gets elected is determined by the order in which they appear in the party's lists.
After conducting characteristic tests, the raw untreated textile wastewater effluent has the following heavy metals concentration as stated in Table 1, with comparison to the limit set by the National Environmental Quality Standards, NEQ.
Stephen Fink, on the other hand, in "The Language of Prophecy: Thoreau's 'Wild Apples,' NEQ 59 (September 1986): 212-30, maintains that "the apparent modesty of 'Wild Apples' is a calculated and richly subversive rhetorical stance" designed to engage "the materialist and utilitarian interests of the public" in order to undermine those interests (214).
computation and recording of relative weighting coefficients (variation components) for particular sets of NEQ equations;
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