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NERDSNew England Rubbish Deconstruction Society (American team competing in Scrapheap Challange Junkyard Wars)
NERDSNebraska Educators Really Doing Science
NERDSNon Euclidean Ring Data Scrambler (cryptosystem)
NERDSNorth East Recreational Driving Schedule (car racing)
NERDSNew England Robotics Designers
NERDSNuclear Effects Research & Development Support (DTRA)
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Festival of the Spoken Nerd - Just For Graphs, Assembly George Square, Studio One, August 5-30.
BRIGHT FUTURE Konnie says King of the Nerds brings out her inner geek
Rob also plans to grow and develop the idea of Lair of the Nerd in the future.
The Word Nerd supposes that people with formidable stingers might indeed be more likely to disregard a bee than those of us less formidably endowed.
Joe, a computer nerd, was talking with his psychotherapist.
Nerds on Site are already well known throughout Canada, the United States and South Africa for their trademark red computer bug.
Mercifully, nerds can still be identified by their attire.
After all, there's no intrinsic cultural value to nerds getting stuffed in lockers just because it makes for familiar cinematic terrain.
This article examines media representations of nerds as part of the cultural context within which a group of participants on an online forum perform their identities.
KNITS FOR NERDS: 30 PROJECTS offers knits inspired by science fiction, comic book and fantasy cult classics from Star trek and Star Wars to Harry Potter, and is a special recommendation for any who want projects for such a nerd.