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NERDSNew England Rubbish Deconstruction Society (American team competing in Scrapheap Challange Junkyard Wars)
NERDSNebraska Educators Really Doing Science
NERDSNon Euclidean Ring Data Scrambler (cryptosystem)
NERDSNorth East Recreational Driving Schedule (car racing)
NERDSNew England Robotics Designers
NERDSNuclear Effects Research & Development Support (DTRA)
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Band Nerds Poetry From The 13th Chair Trombone Player
We're bringing the same, and that's kind of the point of Nerd HQ," Levi told (http://www.
Bernanke is the latest celebrity nerd to appear on the show
Steve is one third of Festival of the Spoken Nerd alongside Matt Parker and Helen Arney.
Although she avoids watching shows she's involved with - because she's worried she'll "hate myself" - King Of The Nerds wasn't as wounding on that front as she'd anticipated.
It's much easier to think of Jarvis Cocker and bloke nerds in indie bands, but can you think of a girl nerd?
Carrato says the NGLP won't be able to pull any usage statistics from the NeRDs because the devices aren't connected to the internet.
Turning back to Spitz, "Twee represents a fetishization of the nerd, the geek, the dork, the virgin.
MJ: Do you think having been socially ostracized blinds nerds or geeks to their own intolerance of people who are different?
The Teesside University graduate has set up Lair of the Nerd, an online clothing design shop selling T-shirts, hoodies and the like.
Although no one actually lost their lives to hypothermia, it's possible that a few word nerds literally died laughing.