NERIPNorth East Regional Information Partnership (England)
NERIPNúcleo de Estudantes de Relações Internacionais do Porto (Portugal)
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A report by research group NERIP found affordable housing in short supply.
Head of NERIP Jon Carling said: "One of the most interesting elements is that the mix of exports from the North-East continues to diversify, with increases in sectors such as building, IT, electronics, oil and gas and telecoms and broadcasting equipment over the last year.
One NorthEast is a key funder of NERIP, and through its work we are helping boost the regional evidence base.
The NERIP report says: "These projections show that the North-East is likely to suffer from the pressures of an ageing population, and that there are going to be fewer people in our workforce and fewer younger people to potentially become economically active in order to support this ageing population.
The NERIP report goes on to say: "There is a clear pattern along most of the east coast that suggests areas are self-contained, perhaps insular, in nature.
The NERIP report shows 600 more people a year in the region move from urban to rural areas than move back to the city.