NERRNational Estuarine Research Reserves
NERRNational Emergency Resource Registry (US DHS)
NERRNashville and Eastern Railroad (est. 1986)
NERRNorth East Rottweiler Rescue (Westford, MA)
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With this grant, researchers at the Narragansett Bay NERR on Prudence Island will evaluate how marshes respond to the addition of various amounts of sediment at different marsh elevations and compare these results to similar work being done by project partners across the country.
NERRS SWMP Biomonitoring Protocol: Long-term Monitoring of Estuarine Submersed and Emergent Vegetation Communities.
The Grand Bay reserve is the 24th NERR among the 27 reserves in the nation.
An off-site extension of your office or filing room for businesses of any size, NERR uses the O'Neil Software System to track, locate and organize all critical information using barcodes, so access can be gained quickly and accurately to a specific document stored within your existing files--or have a document added to a file stored in the NERR record center.
The abandoned Live Oak Rifle and Pistol Range lie within the boundaries of the NERR and is the main study site.
However, unpublished records show that a single 96-mm individual was previously collected at TE in 1990 under the NERR fish monitoring program (Table 1).
Since its start-up, NERR has worked collaboratively with the Tennessee Department of Transportation and the Nashville and Eastern Railroad Authority to reconstruct the track and upgrade 77 bridges.
The authors also thank the Baruch Marine Field Laboratory and the North Inlet-Winyah Bay NERR for the use of their facilities and general support; K.
Grand Bay NERR was established in 1999 to preserve and protect one of the largest remaining expanses of estuarine environment along the Mississippi coast.
Seeds from Lake Pontchartrain germinated significantly slower than ones from Grand Bay NERR.