NERSANational Energy Regulator of South Africa
NERSA(European Fast Reactor Power Station)
NERSANorth East Regional Science Association (est. 1970; Binghamton, NY)
NERSANuclear European Reactor SA
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He adds: "Against that backdrop, it is clear that the NERSA hearings have not worked and that people have not been heard.
He says OUTA's message to NERSA next week "will highlight how we have pleaded in the past, and NERSA has chosen to ignore our pleadings and has, in our humble opinion, not acted properly and diligently in the execution of its duties.
NERSAs national public hearings have offered Eskom an opportunity to share the merits of its one-year tariff application from April 2018 to March 2019.
If NERSA recognizes that Eskom is entitled to recover the complete finances from consumers, then rates for 2016/17 will increase 16.
The RCA is a balancing mechanism between the allowed revenue awarded by NERSA on the basis of a forecast (MYPD) and what actually materialised (Eskoms audited financial statements) - a backward looking mechanism.
NERSAs Public Hearings will go around the country until the 5th of February where they will come to a close in Midrand, Gauteng.
Molefe said, However, we as management went on a three-day retreat to look at the implications of Nersas decision and Im happy to report we put measures in place to make sure load shedding doesnt happen.
The Group Chief Executive of Eskom Mr Brian Molefe says, Eskom has noted NERSAs decision, which yet again doesnt address the question of Eskoms continued financial sustainability.
We note NERSAs decision and will study the details contained in the reason for decision document once received before commenting on its implication, says Molefe.
We have made a submission following a credible regulatory process that is provided for in Nersas MYPD methodology.