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NeRvNeon Genesis Evangelion (anime series)
NERVNetwork Emergency Response Vehicle (Cisco)
NERVNew Cumnock Environmental Regeneration Volunteers
NERVNatural Endogenous Respiration Vessel (waste management)
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That concept is just one small layer in an elaborate network of metaphysical, philosophical and religious currents swirling around motherless lead pilot Shinji (voiced by Megumi Ogata), the troubled son of emotionally distant NERV scientist Gendo Ikari.
In addition to its original handsets, NTT Docomo is also offering limited editions of a SH-06A NERV mobile phone that is modeled after the latest film in the popular Japanese animation franchise ''Neon Genesis Evangelion.
These people can sometimes give themselves away because they seem uncomfortable or nerv in the clothes they are wearing.