NESCAUMNortheast States for Coordinated Air Use Management
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Since 2008, NESCAUM has successfully managed seven DERA-funded projects in New England that have reduced emissions from diesel-powered locomotives, marine vessels and construction equipment.
NESCAUM will also work with the construction industry associations in the region and with the manufacturers of emission control devices to aid vehicle retrofits and target rental companies, provide guidance in selecting vendors and technologies, and facilitate competitive bids for the control technology and its installation.
NESCAUM provides scientific, technical, analytical, and policy support to the air quality and climate programs of the eight northeast states, including assistance with the implementation of national environmental programs required under the Clean Air Act and other federal legislation.
EPA reached that conclusion independent of the NESCAUM report.
According to numerous federal, state and local policy makers, NESCAUM has broadly distributed these inaccurate findings across the country, including to the U.
Ken Colburn, Executive Director of NESCAUM stated, "The 'quicksilver' lining is that the technology exists to achieve dramatic mercury reductions - without undue economic burden.
The company expects retrofit markets to develop for the bimetallic additive used with oxidizers or filters based on programs underway in California and NESCAUM as well as London, Paris, Hong Kong and Taipei to control emissions from existing diesel engines.
Ken Colburn, Executive Director of NESCAUM stated, "Clearly, EPA is putting public health on the auction block for the highest polluting bidder.
Our partnership with EPA, NESCAUM, local citizens and officials, and concerned community groups is strengthening our efforts to promote clean air and protect public health in the environment.
Jason Grumet, Executive Director, Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM) states that if options center on an ethanol only approach, NESCAUM would "pursue all available options to avoid a summertime ethanol mandate," and "we believe that a properly designed renewable fuels standard is far preferable to maintaining the oxygen mandate.
NESCAUM says that distribution, cost, availability and performance issues would discourage ethanol use while encouraging other substitutes.
NESCAUM is an interstate association of the air quality control divisions of the New England states and New York and New Jersey.