NESCAUMNortheast States for Coordinated Air Use Management
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The organization is partnering with NESCAUM to identify investment opportunities for its second round of investments, which begin in July 2019.
NESCAUM recently held meetings with its steering committee that includes representatives from New Hampshire to D.
NESCAUM will also work with the construction industry associations in the region and with the manufacturers of emission control devices to aid vehicle retrofits and target rental companies, provide guidance in selecting vendors and technologies, and facilitate competitive bids for the control technology and its installation.
Since 2008, NESCAUM has successfully managed seven DERA-funded projects in New England that have reduced emissions from diesel-powered locomotives, marine vessels and construction equipment.
EPA reached that conclusion independent of the NESCAUM report.
An important part of the program is a third party technology verification system, administered by NESCAUM.
Sponsors of the initiative include the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, Massachusetts Highway Department, the CA/T Project, EPA-Region 1 New England, Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Manufacturers of Emissions Control Association, NESCAUM and several CA/T contractors.