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NESENew England School of English (Cambridge, MA)
NESENet Earnings from Self-Employment
NESENew England String Ensemble (est. 1993)
NESENon-Ejection Seat Endurance
NESENew England Spiritual Ensemble (African American spirituals)
NESENetwork Engineering System Engineering
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Sometimes the flowers were not wholly opened, especially those of round shape (PI 458628, NESE 62, and Golden German); consequently, the anthers were not completely pushed out either.
First, 130 flowers from two cultivars, PI 531445 and NESE 62, were emasculated and bagged without pollination, and the seed set was determined.
The largest number of flowers opened was observed in cultivar NESE 62 that had the largest spike.
Forty-six emasculated but non-pollinated flowers on PI 531445 set no seed, while 84 emasculated but nonpollinated flowers of NESE 62 set three each.