NESICNational Education Standards and Improvement Council
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NESIC will focus on enterprises embracing cloud-based services with 100 or more global offices, initially targeting the manufacturing, financial and services sector markets.
Following an extensive evaluation of competitive SD-WAN technologies, NESIC selected EdgeConnect based on the maturity and completeness of its advanced features and capabilities.
Foundation chief executive Rob Williamson said: "We are delighted to take on this strategic role with NESIC and welcome the progress being made in this important area.
Once states have developed standards, they might offer them up for certification by NESIC.
As part of the agreement, NESIC will offer Acme Packet's Net-Net[R] session border controllers (SBCs) as key elements in the company's network integration solution for service providers, enterprises and government.
In other words, it cannot (as NESIC could) dream up its own standards but can only identify the objective standards that exist in the labor market.
NESIC will be overseen by a board of leading business figures and community and voluntary sector representatives and chaired by Andrew Mitchell, chief executive of North East Finance.
However, congressional wariness about assessment policies (at least partly due to a feud between House members and staffers and the proponents of a national assessment) has led to a diminution of the role NESIC is to play.
Though everyone seems to agree that NESIC is finished, reformers find it difficult to imagine Goals 2000 without some NESIC-like agency.
A few teachers will be members of NESIC, along with other educators, business representatives, representatives of the public, and people from other categories, including equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans.
As the number one systems integration company in Japan, NESIC brings local market expertise and trusted systems integration services to supplement the capabilities of Inkra Networks Japan.
NESIC"), as the base system for "SMF SETTERFREE", the network management service that NESIC starts to provide today.