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NESLNew England School of Law (Boston, Massachusetts)
NESLNetWare Event Service Layer (computer networking)
NESLNew Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. (Pennsylvania)
NESLNetworked and Embedded Systems Laboratory (University of California, Los Angeles)
NESLNuclear Engineering Services Ltd. (UK)
NESLNew Energy Sources Laboratory (Romania)
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Access through NESL provides Navy programs with an easier way to seamlessly integrate Acrolinx into their continuous improvement strategies -- helping to drive program lifecycle costs down.
Navy to access interactive technical content delivery systems, check out the NESL program on www.
Founded in October 2006, Changzhou NESL has evolved into a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, design and manufacturing of monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels, BIPV modules and on-grid and off-grid solar power systems.
The JV will be taking over the existing module production assets of Changzhou NESL, including plants, machinery and equipment, which will be promoted by utilizing the combined capital investment and international expertise given by Trina Solar and Yabang Group.
LDC investment director Chris Hurley with NESL chief executive Brett Cooper
Additional sponsors of the event are SolarBridge partners BenQ Solar (AUO), NESL, Talesun Solar, 1SolTech, Changzhou Almaden Co.
The winners in each category will go forward to the Winners of Winners Award, which was last year scooped by Wolverhamptonbased NESL.
NESL provides a range of specialised oil industry services under contract to NPC, including project management and support for technical, financial, accounting, legal, information technology, risk management, and administrative needs.
New AC modules from SolarBridge strategic partners will be featured in the training including: BenQ Solar (AUO), NESL, Talesun Solar, Eoplly and AMD.
Chamber president Peter Mathews said: "All our finalists are doing a tremendous job, but NESL is a truly outstanding example of a company that is putting the Black Country on the world map.
NESL-USA, a leading solar PV provider, participated in the opening of an EPA Energy Star Certified model facility featuring NESL solar panels.
The NESL AC module system will be exhibited in booth #528 at PV America West.