NESONetherlands Education Support Office (various locations)
NESONorth East Students' Organisation (India)
NESONew Employee Safety Orientation
NESONAVAIR Engineering Support Office
NESONAVSEA Engineering Support Office
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13) Usualmente se mide la latencia minima de los registros obtenidos con estimulos simples del NESO.
In 2010, DTE Energy approached SEEL with an innovative and ambitious pilot program, NESO, to target customer areas with lower energy efficiency program participation and customer satisfaction ratings.
El efecto de colision de Imataca y CVR de Pastora en el sector de Villa Lola--El Palmar, origino el plegamiento isoclinal de la faja de marmol dolomitico y cizallamiento intenso de sus flancos orientados en la direccion NESO.
Herodoto habla de la ciudad egipcia llamada Auasis, Oasis o Hiaisis, situada en el oasis de Kharga (denominado Iu-hesyu en lengua egipcia y makaron nesos en griego) y habitada por los samios.
Bienvenido sea uste con eso que le recuelga, sientese nesos penachos, comera un pico culo de zumba que zumba.
Limb deficiency groups, Reach, from the UK, ASSEDEA, from France, Raggiungere and TAI ONLUS from Italy, AVITE from Spain, FfdN from Sweden, HICOHA from Germany, NESOS from Belgium, Contergan Austria and ITSS from Ireland are among those who will be marking the day.
4) Australasie is from Latin australis ('southern'); Polynesie from Greek poly- ('many') and nesos ('island').
A ROMAN cache of demotic ostraca, small clay artifacts, has been discovered at the Graeco-Roman site of Soknopaiou Nesos (Dime es-Seba), located two kilometers north of Qarun Lake in the southern Egyptian town of Fayoum.
Etymology: From the Greek nesos meaning islander; to be treated as an adjective.
The term 'Melanesia' was derived in modern times from the ancient Greek words: melas and nesos (black, island + place).
Ille means 'island' in Catalan, leading to nesos 'island', as well as neros 'damp', so 'Venus Turbulnera' equals 'Venus de l'ile de Baal [Bul] de Tyr'.
Maren Schentuleit and Clemens Liedtke describe a prosopographical and topographical database for Soknopaiou Nesos in which information about personal names is combined with details of property ownership in order to build up an impression of neighbors and neighborhoods.