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NESPNovel Erythropoiesis Stimulating Protein
NESPNeuroendocrine Secretory Protein
NESPNurse Educator Scholarship Program
NESPNavy EHF Satellite Program
NESPNational Environmental Studies Project
NESPNational Education Supercomputer Program
NESPNortheastern Society of Periodontists
NESPNetwork Enabling System Partner
NESPNetwork of Single Professionals (est. 2007)
NESPNational Economic Security Program
NESpNintendo Entertainment System Portable
NESPNew Equipment Support Package
NESPNormalized Effective Signal Power
NESPNew England Street Performance (automobile club)
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This Elanex clinical crossover trial was presented at the same EDTA Nephrology congress session (Nice France) where the new European data on its new NESP was presented.
NZN0 is also concerned about what support new graduates who find work outside NETP/ NESP programmes get.
18 when the company won a legal battle with Johnson & Johnson, allowing the biotech company to retain full rights to NESP.
NESP is a recombinant protein being explored for its potential to stimulate the production of red blood cells in less frequent doses than Epoetin alfa.
A Nursing Education in the Tertiary Sector survey of new graduate destinations for the 1339 students who graduated last November, reveals that by March, 920 (69 per cent) were employed as nurses, of whom 720 were on NETP or NESP programmes, and 268 (20 per cent) were still seeking work.
NESP is short for novel erythropoeisis stimulating protein.
Amgen claimed it had invented the new drug but Johnson & Johnson contended its 1985 licensing agreement with Amgen gave it the right to sell NESP, which can be used once a week rather than the three-times-a-week dosing currently needed for Epogen.
During the fourth quarter, Amgen submitted regulatory license applications for both NESP and Kineret.
In addition Amgen has a solid product pipeline that includes NESP, IL-1ra and Abarelix.
NESP provides analysis and weekly reporting on the incidence of laboratory-confirmed cases of notifiable enteric disease cases in Canada.
Indice de colonizacao micorrIzica em raizes finas (COL) e numero de esporos viaveis (NESP), em feijoeiro, tipo carioca, apos duas aplicacoes de diferentes fungicidas em condicoes de casa de vegetacao Tratamentos C0L NESP (%) (no.