NESsTNonprofit Enterprise and Self-Sustainability Team (Turlock, CA)
NESSTNetwork for Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Tourism
NESSTNottingham Emergency Scout Support Team (UK)
NESSTNetwork of Specialist Schools in Tonbridge (UK)
References in classic literature ?
It is an open secret that the credit of this smart capture belongs entirely to the well-known Scotland Yard officials, Messrs.
I am telling you what is a pretty open secret when I tell you that there is a conference due to be held this week at some place or another on the continent-I don't know where, myself - which will have a very important bearing upon our future.
Well, it's an open secret that when he's out of trainin' he drinks hard--strikin' an average, he calls it.
When a few weeks later it was reported in the papers that Wilcox had been shot at from an ambuscade, it was an open secret that McMurdo was still at work upon his unfinished job.
Between Rollo and this human benefactor there had always existed friendly relations, and it was an open secret that, unless his uncle were to marry and supply the world with little Galloways as well as braces, the young man would come into his money.
It is a sort of open secret that Baron Arnheim left her the greater portion of his immense fortune.
As it is an open secret that the Duke of Balmoral has been compelled to sell his pictures within the last few years, and as Lord St.