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NETBIOSNetwork Basic Input/Output System
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The NetBIOS reflection DDoS attack -- specifically NetBIOS Name Service (NBNS) reflection -- was observed by Akamai as occurring sporadically from March to July 2015.
By emulating Microsoft's lower level Transport Data Interface (TDI), the MultiNet TCP/IP kernel supports the original NetBIOS module provided by Microsoft.
As a Microsoft Solution Provider, Wellfleet will extend its NetBIOS Name Caching technology to Microsoft Windows NT networks, improving the efficiency for transporting NetBIOS traffic over an IP-based NT network.
LAN emulation supports a wide variety of protocols, including TCP/IP, DECnet, IPX, AppleTalk, LAT, and NetBIOS.
Able to troubleshoot a wide range of packet-based networks including UDP, TCP, Ethernet, DNS, and NetBios, PhatNet brings new portability, convenience, and efficiency to the critical task of enterprise network administration.
DLSw is a standardized method for transmitting SNA and NetBIOS traffic across TCP/IP wide area networks (WANs).
The included NetBIOS services offered with CIFS NQ solve the problem of how to intelligently find and connect to other computers on the network.
Wellfleet's DLSw implementation allows mainframe-based SNA business applications and PC-based NetBIOS office applications to reliably and efficiently share a multiprotocol internetwork with other computing applications.