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NETINational Enforcement Training Institute (US EPA)
NETINational Effective Teaching Institute (workshop)
NETINational Environmental Technology Institute (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
NETINew England Technical Institute (Connecticut)
NETINorthern Ecosystems Toxicology Initiative (Canada)
NETINetwork Information Table
NETINetwork Table Inquiry (Sprint)
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Many people are unnecessarily squeamish about Neti pots and nasal irrigators.
Hindus define God only in negative terms: neti, neti, neti.
Church & Dwight's Arm & Hammer is tackling sinus congestion and allergies with the new Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Neti Pot Kit, which provides nasal irrigation that expels mucus and moisturizes irritated nasal passages.
Martine subversively turns the punishment inflicted upon Haitian women into what Leila Neti regards as "a means of protest by seizing control" of the body (Neti 77).
his death was traced to tap water he used in a neti pot, a container used to rinse the sinuses.
Many physicians recommend a saline nasal rinse using a Neti pot.
Every expert I spoke to raved about the magic properties of a simple saline nasal rinse, which is available in many forms, from the somewhat intimidating but time-tested Neti pot to a basic spray bottle.
cuneiform, & I hear a whisper: Bread for Neti, the keeper of the
Anjum Hasan is the author of the poetry collection Street on the Hill and the novels Lunatic in My Head (2007) and Neti, Neti (2009).
The study does not refer to the use of sinus rinses and neti pots during allergy season.