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NETIZENInternet Citizen
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Besides Yordanov, the nominees for the 2013 Netizen Prize are: Itsmania Pineda Platero (Honduras), Cheikh Fall (Senegal), Oumarou Mohamed Lamine (Mali), Suren Gazaryan (Russia), Murat Tungishbayev (Kazakhstan), Huynh Ngoc Chenh (Vietnam), Mosireen (Egypt) and Shiva Nazar Ahari (Iran).
Last week five Netizens were sentenced to jail terms ranging from one year to 18 months for slander against Sultan Qaboos.
Lastly, the concept of, "carnival poetics," and how this concept can be applied to China's rich online landscape, as will the values that guide and shape China's netizen discourse.
In this essay, I explore the idea that something similar may be occurring in China today, with Chinese netizen feelings of disillusionment and dismay toward North and South Korea revealing much more about evolving Chinese understandings of themselves than they do about the two Koreas.
As the nationally adored form of social media, bulletin board systems are available on every imaginable topic, and in these forums netizens can be extremely vocal and subversive.
Chinese President Hu Jintao publicly admitted to be a netizen himself in 2003 when he told a group of doctors in Gongzhou that he had read about their good suggestions on how to treat SARS victims online.
I doubt those who backed away from saving the girl ignored her out of fear of being kicked in the teeth," said a netizen with the username "flax girl," while another user said: "When we denounce these bystanders, we must remind ourselves that they are among us, the bystanders.
The purpose of this article is to examine the features of Chinese surging nationalism, the background of Chinese netizens, and their perceptions of, and attitudes toward, the Western media's coverage of the Tibet unrest during the run-up to the Beijing Games.
Netizen ``Wackywalk'' sees the Antelope Valley's future brightening.
ABS-CBN has been mum about the whole issue, while rival network had reported the netizen backlash that Ms Sanchez got from social media in this report.
Drop by the Pop section for live chats with celebrities, the Netizen for a dose of on-line democracy or Cocktail for the recipe of the latest trendy drink.