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NETOPSNetwork Operations
NETOPSNuclear Emergency Team Operations
NETOPSNaval Engineering Training and Operating Procedure and Standard (US Navy)
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Throughout the life of this task order, IPKeys, and teammate Booz Allen Hamilton, will continue delivering technical expertise and leadership to the Mission Assurance NetOps Division s enterprise portfolio providing timely situational awareness of internal and external threats to physical, technical, and cyber environments.
If you haven't heard of NetOps before, don't worry.
NetOps is the Signal support component to Army operations that operates, manages, protects and defends networks from post/camp/ station to deployed tactical networks.
IS3 SATCOM NetOps Services As the global thirst for satellite communications (satcom) bandwidth increases, the need to actively manage SATCOM NetOps assets to ensure quality of service (QoS) becomes increasingly important.
Where network management is concerned, NetOps relies on the understanding, application, and integration of information technology, technology standards, and standard processes that provide traditional systems and network management (fault management, configuration management, accounting management, performance management, and security management).
Because NETOPS in the net-centric environment is a young operational discipline, we are in the process of developing many of the governing and guiding documents.
With Visionary, NetOps has addressed a crucial pain-point for organizations that must fight against mission-critical network downtime.
We are well on our way to shape the Signal warrant officer cohort under this construct and believe that it not only better focuses each of the MOS but also provides a singular POC for the S/G6 for each of the three elements of NetOps.
Members of Wyle's NETOPS team include the follow companies: Autonomic Resources Inc.
NETOPS between the Enterprise and the deployed environment is a key element in the integration of the Army's Network 2020 into the Joint Information Environment.
Today's WIN-T NetOps give us a lot more power to reach into the network and control everything from a central location, with line-of-sight or satellite networks," said Maj.
NetOps for Service Desk allows customers to answer their own questions through a datamart, report an incident without waiting on hold, and check the status of an incident they reported.