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NETPCNetwork Personal Computer
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At first glance, the NetPC seems little different from from a traditional desktop machine.
When the NetPC failed to take hold, Microsoft came up with another approach using its Windows Terminal Server and WinFrame NT multiuser technology from Citrix Systems of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
When Sun Microsystems announced the Network Computer (NC), Microsoft countered with the NetPC, then later endorsed the Windows Terminal or True Thin Client developed by Citrix Systems.
Promicro's diverse line of products includes servers, full cluster solutions, NetPC, workstations, appliances, and KVM solutions focusing on the Linux and Windows(R) markets.
What they presented was a pared-down "Winter" PC, called the NetPC, and a "Zero Administration" initiative designed to reduce the cost of PC ownership while protecting users' investments in Windows and PC technology.
As a multi-system solution, OPERA is able to support several operating systems and hardware platforms in a single network, including Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT, a variety of UNIX environments, and PC and thin client platforms (network, NetPC, PC with Java).
Leading Motherboard Supplier to Unveil Latest Motherboards, VGA Cards, NetPC