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NETSNational Educational Technology Standards
NETSNetwork Technologies
NetSNetwork Support
NETSNetwork of Employers for Traffic Safety
NETSNetwork for Electronic Transfers Singapore
NETSNew English Translation of the Septuagint
NETSNewborn Emergency Transport Service (Australia)
NeTSNetworking Technology and Systems
NETSNetwork of Sensors
NETSNeighbors Eager to Serve (social service organization; Charles County, Maryland)
NETSNetwork Engineering & Telecommunications Section (UCAR)
NETSNavy Engineering & Technical Services
NETSNavy Enterprise Team Ships
NETSNew Threats Simulator
NETSNationwide Emergency Telecommunications System/Service
NETSNational Emissions Trading Scheme (various locations)
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But no, it will be better if I throw you into the sea whence I drew you out, and I will build a house on the shore to warn fishermen who come to cast their nets here, against fishing up such a wicked genius as you are, who vows to kill the man who frees you.
This in itself would not be bad, were it not for the small mesh of the nets, so small that the tiniest fishes, little new-hatched things not a quarter of an inch long, cannot pass through.
While waiting for slack water, in which to lift their heavy nets from the bed of the bay, the Chinese had all gone to sleep below.
Lors, it's took me a deal o' study to know the vally o' such articles; when I begun to carry a pack, I was as ignirant as a pig; net or calico was all the same to me.
I'm glad you don't insist upo' buyin' the net, for then I should ha' lost my two best bargains for Mrs.
They all paint tables, cover screens, and net purses.
Help, masters, help; here’s a fish hangs in the net, like a poor Man’s right in the law.
But surely such an explanation as that would be quite inadequate to account for the deep and subtle scheming which seemed to be weaving an invisible net round the young baronet.
On another occasion, when seventeen miles off Cape Corrientes, I had a net overboard to catch pelagic animals.
To his great surprise, he found himself in a huge net, amid a crowd of fish of all kinds and sizes, who were fighting and struggling desperately to free themselves.
It often basely and cowardly deserts those paragons for whom the men are all wishing, sighing, dying, and spreading, every net in their power; and constantly attends at the heels of that higher order of women for whom the other sex have a more distant and awful respect, and whom (from despair, I suppose, of success) they never venture to attack.
The players, divided into two parties, stood on opposite sides of a tightly drawn net with gilt poles on the carefully leveled and rolled croquet-ground.