NETSIMNetwork Simulator
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Two decades later, researchers at TFHRC, with assistance and participation from universities and private industry, merged NETSIM and FRESIM into a single microscopic model, CORSIM, and developed the Traffic Software Integrated System (TSIS) package, which is a collection of software tools for use by traffic engineers and researchers.
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is a leader in developing traffic microsimulation models, dating back to the development of NETwork SIMulation (NETSIM) in the 1970s, FREeway SIMulation (FRESIM) in the 1980s, and the merging of NETSIM and FRESIM into a single CORridor SIMulation (CORSIM) model, all of which was integrated into the Traffic Software Integrated System (TSIS) package in the 1990s.
In March 2003, Axstone was awarded a best new technology designation by the Korean Ministry of Information and Communications for the company's IP-based CDMA NETSIM.