NETSSNational Electronic Telecommunications System for Surveillance
NETSSNational Educational Technology Standards for Students
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In the second phase of NETSS, the present shipping services from northern Finland to the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany would be replaced by a new system that would connect the ports of Ajos (near Kemi) and Oulu in Finland with Lubeck in Germany and Gothenburg in Sweden.
ISTE's NETSS calls for students to "use multiple processes and diverse perspectives to explore alternative solutions," and the Partnership for 21st-Skills cites the essential nature of cross-cultural awareness and an awareness of individuals' various perspectives on media messages.
In ISTE's (2007) approach, the NETSS calls for students to be digital citizens who use technology responsibly and demonstrate leadership in issues of global importance.
Reported cases: Based on NETSS surveillance data, approximately 40 cases are reported annually.
EIP hepatitis surveillance ([section]) collects more extensive information compared with NETSS.
In 2008, a total of 877 cases of acute hepatitis C were reported to CDC by NNDSS via NETSS from 40 states.
Although NETSS data have been useful at national and state levels (3), implementing the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDSS) *, including the NEDSS Base System, might lead to improvement in the reporting of racial/ ethnic data, especially if the data are contained in electronic clinical records that are moved directly into NEDSS components.
To explain peak periods and to further characterize the epidemic, CDC conducted a cohort study of patients from NETSS who had coccidioidomycosis to evaluate host factors, exposures, and outcomes.
Additional information about nationally notifiable diseas es, NNDSS, NETSS, and CSTE is available at http://www.
During 1997-2000, a total of 29,134 pertussis cases were reported to NETSS (6,564 in 1997; 7,405 in 1998; 7,298 in 1999, and 7,867 in 2000), for a crude average annual incidence rate of 2.
Additional information about nationally notifiable diseases, NNDSS, NETSS, and CSTE is available at http://www.
More information regarding NETSS and notifiable diseases, including case definitions for these conditions, is available on the Internet at http://www.