NETTELNot Enough Time to Enjoy Life (two-income family)
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By some bizarre twist of logic, many Nettels revel in the scheduling frenzy," he said.
The opposition between the standpoint of Howells the liberal critic and Howells the conservative novelist is then shown in reverse in the case of Henry James whose fiction, Nettels avers, depicts 'women who surpass men in the power to initiate and control action' (p.
Elsa Nettels remarks that "in `Ship Island,' as in many of Spencer's stories, sudden inexplicable occurrences give an eerie quality to the sharply defined scenes and characters.
Those who have described the effects of this felicity comprise a short list: George Arms (travel sketches), Elsa Nettels (the fiction), this reviewer (literary memoirs) and lamentably few others.