NETVNebraska Educational Television
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Managing director of the Eagles Paul Blake, who also attended the van launch, said: "We think there is a great synergy between the club and NETV and have had a great time today with some of our bigger guys with these big vehicles.
For viewers, the interactive interface offers simple navigation and a host of useful features which NETV say will continue to be updated and integrated to further enhance the user experience.
Access to broadcast on the NETV Network is free and open to almost all channel owners, brands and media owners who can choose to offer their channels free or as a premium subscription service*.
When the NETV Network goes live on 18th July 2014, channels available will include a combination of leading terrestrial, Freeview, satellite and IPTV channels including independent broadcasters, international networks, regional TV and several leading consumer brands.
NETV is dedicated to spreading the beliefs of Christianity and serving the public to encourage truth and peace in the community.
Founded by the Communication Center of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, NETV offers programming which includes: New Eyes Medical College, Biblical Food, New Eyes Journal, When English Meets Taiwanese, Together We Worship, and many other Christian lifestyle and educational programs.
This allows operators to purchase a full range of quality products from NETV, including lines not typically associated with a franchised commercial vehicle dealer.
In 1985, ownership of the Carlisle business was given to one of founding partners in exchange for his shareholding in NETV.
Indeed, NETV matched its success with DAF to become one of Leyland DAF's most successful dealers.
He said: "I have been working at NETV for the past 18 years, so I know the product range.
Alastair Kidd, sales director at NETV, said: "It was a very positive night for the company and our success is testament to the hard work and commitment of every member of the team - all 320 of us.
Specializing in hybrid networks, ILC's MaxView Suite automates fault management; configures, schedules and allocates network resources; and provisions circuits for more than 400 worldwide clients, including NBC, NETV, Telmex, France Telecom, Echostar, Loral Skynet, Portugal Telecom, Iceland Telecom, and U.