NETWARSNetwork Warfare Simulation
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Recently, NETWARS has been federated with the Naval Simulation System (NSS).
With the fidelity of NETWARS communications, coupled with the-high-level campaign direction of NSS, the Navy has a much better understanding of how to allocate its resources for the highest return-on-investment.
OPNET's Chairman & CEO, Marc Cohen, stated, "We are extremely pleased to have been selected as the prime contractor for NETWARS.
The NETWARS program is managed jointly by the Command, Control, Communications, and Computer (C4) Systems Directorate of the Joint Staff (J-6) and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).
The SSC San Diego C4ISR laboratory develops communications models of systems for NETWARS to assess military communications networks and the impact of communications on C4ISR operations.
NETWARS is a discrete event simulator developed using the Optimized Network Engineering Tool (OPNET) Development Kit (ODK).
NETWARS makes use of four primary databases: (1) Communications Device Model Library; (2) Operations Facilities (OPFACs) Library; (3) Organization Library; and (4) Information Exchange Requirement (IER) Library.
NETWARS provides a communications simulation environment that supports assessments of all these technologies.
Models may be added to the NETWARS library, for example, models may be high or low fidelity.
OPNET's CEO, Marc Cohen, stated "OPNET is proud to continue to serve as the prime contractor for the NETWARS program, which represents a paradigm shift in Network Centric Operations and Warfare.
This year, NETWARS will be playing a key role in supporting the DOD's transition to a web services architecture.
We are honored to be leading the NETWARS project and are dedicating resources to increase our role in national defense.