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NEVENetwork Visualisation Environment
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Stuart Boardman with Erin, wife |Nicola and daughter Neve
Neve, who was born in Paisley and raised in Edinburgh, is perhaps best known for the role of Madame Vastra, a lizard who has regularly returned to Doctor Who since her first appearance 2011.
Stephen La Neve comments: "I am excited to join ETEX at a time when the company is poised for significant growth.
Brave Neve, seven, from Moodiesburn, Glasgow, has been presented with a Little Star award from Cancer Research UK and a PS50 voucher from sponsors TK Maxx.
Mixed - Ellam and Debra Neve beat Boothroyd and West 21-19 21-18; Crowther and Hemmings beat Carrol and Whitehouse 21-10 18-21 21-14; Ruttle and Mel Neve beat Irons and Donnelly 21-17 21-17.
The subject matter of each is not only relevant to the church but also deeply personal to Neve.
Her mother Gemma, 35, a secondary school teacher who lives with Neve and her sister Beth, 11, and brothers Ben, 10 and five-year-old Sam, said: "At first we thought Neve not being able to walk was linked to some kind of issue effecting her joints after having lots of viruses but then at 5am they broke the news to us.
The conventional wisdom - that leadership is a skill - remains largely true, but we show it is also, in part, a genetic trait," De Neve said.
With her willowy 5ft 10ins frame and piercing blue eyes, Neve is also being tipped as the BBC's face for the Millennium after being chosen to play the lead, Princess Fuchsia, in their big January drama Gormenghast - starring Christopher Lee, Celia Imrie and Stephen Fry.
As a former public company CFO and audit partner with two international accounting firms, Neve has an extensive background in finance and accounting.